High quality employees, competitive labour costs and Industrial Relations with strong innovative content and collaborative bargaining attitude with Trade Unions: this is probably one of the best asset of the Italian chemical industry. With the objective of pursuing the necessary efficiency of labour in the awareness and continuous respect of the importance of human resources, Italian chemical companies may benefit of a wide flexibility as regard to: 

  • daily and weekly working time which may be defined at company level respecting the average yearly working time;
  • a job classification system which takes into account the specific organizational needs of enterprises, with simplified rules for SME;
  • wages implemented  at company level, through collective performance-related pay, linked to productivity and economic performance;
  • possibility to temporarily change NCA rules, through company agreement.

In order to assure an enterprise bargaining functional to competitiveness , NCA provide joint training for Social Parts at company level, planned and manged jointly with Trade Unions.

Finally, the strong commitment in strengthening both workers’ and firms’ interests has led to the creation of Fonchim and FASCHIM, the sectorial funds for supplementary pension and health insurance, as well as the formalization of a joint commitment at all levels towards the development of shared choices of Social Responsibility.

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The chemical industry in Italy 2017