Industrial Disctricts

The most famous feature of Italian economic system is probably represented by Industrial Districts (Industrial Clusters): these may be defined as an agglomerate of small and medium-sized firms, specialised in a single-product business, concentrated in a specific geographic area. Such a productive system makes it possible for companies to face competition maintaining their limited dimension.

There are about 150 Industrial Districts in Italy and most of them show very strict connections with chemicals. Enterprises from Industrial Districts are known around the world for their high quality and innovative products. To do that they often work in partnership with Italian chemical companies, which are able to develop sophisticated intermediate products responding to any specific requirement.

Investing in the chemical industry in Italy means catching the opportunity to find many different customers with high propensity to risk testing together new products.

On the other hand, choosing Italian chemical products means enjoying the secret upon which relies the success of Italian industrial districts.

Distretti italiani
The chemical industry in Italy 2017