For Italian chemical enterprises R&D represents a key activity in order to be considered valuable partners from customers.

Actually, in Europe Italy is second only to Germany for number of chemical companies (nearly 700) with R&D activity.

The possibility for downstream sectors to offer innovative products often stems from the developing of new chemical intermediates with specific properties.

Chemical companies constantly innovate also to improve processes as well as environmental standards. Not only major companies, but also smaller ones are strongly engaged in innovation. According to a survey of Federchimica, about 80% of chemical firms has been strengthening R&D also during the crisis.

In Italy a good number of graduates in chemistry and chemical engineering is available.

For chemical companies making research means more and more entertaining strong relationship with Universities and Research Institutes. In particular, there are important opportunities to cooperate with the National Research Council (CNR), whose activity regards base research as well as technology transfer and the developing of new applications. Moreover, in Italy are located about 30 Scientific and Technological Parks with specific competencies on chemicals and bio-medicals. 

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The chemical industry in Italy 2017