Strength points

Among the top managers of major foreign chemical companies producing in Italy, identified the strength points of the Italian chemical industry.

  • Quality of human resources
Italian employees are generally appreciated for their creativity and flexibility. Creativity is recognized as a real professional skill as it turns into innovation propensity and problem solving capability. Flexibility mixed up with creativity, generates high responsiveness to changes, orientation to continuous improvement and capability to work under pressure. Moreover high level technical and scientific skills are available in Italy.

  • Market size and quality of its customers
Italy, given its relevant manufacturing base, represents one of the largest markets in Europe for chemical products. Another point of strength derives from the distinctive features of Italian chemical customers. The typical Italian customer is very demanding, as a consequence a product developed for Italy there are many customers, in particular SMEs belonging to the traditional sectors of the Made in Italy, which are world trend setter, very open to innovation and always ready for testing and developing new products.

  • Quality and reliability of equipment suppliers
Creativity, flexibility and high level of technical and scientific skills do not regard only the chemical sector but all the value chain. In particular the quality and reliability of equipment suppliers make it possible to carry out quick changes at low costs with personalised and innovative solutions.

  • Innovation and research
Multinational companies often carry out R&D in “centres” which are generally located in one Country and work for the whole group by defining research strategies and by coordinating all the research projects related with a particular business line. In many relevant cases Italy has been selected as an “R&D centre” for a well defined business segment.

Italy is a suitable location for doing R&D:

  1. Italian chemical graduates are well prepared, have a strong theoretical background and are also very motivated;
  2. a specific know how, sometimes even considered unique, is available in different areas (fluorine chemicals, woven and non-woven polyester,  polyurethanes, special polymers, leather chemicals, adhesives, pharmaceuticals active principles, cleaning additives);
  3. research groups are competitive in terms of costs and results, in particular they are able to understand and anticipate market needs.
The chemical industry in Italy 2017